Daiso comes to Los Angeles ( Torrance)

I was thrilled when I saw this new store called Daiso next to my son’s gymnastics, Fit Kids.  I walked in and was instantly transported back to Japan with all it’s unique interesting products.  I immediately sent a text message to my Japanese friend, Nami, to tell her she must go to this awesome shop.  A few days later I received an exhilarating text from her thanking me and that she was also freaking out, she was happy to be transported back to Tokyo. Daiso has just about everything you can imagine at super low prices.  You will most likely leave with your hands full, but your wallet won’t be hurting as most items are $1.50.  This is the place to shop if you’ve just moved to a new place and need a few things like, towels, little trash cans, storage, it’s also a stop to make if you are planning on going on a trip as it has everything you would need for your flight and suitcase, with eye patches, soft pillows,  little empty bottles and compact storage things.  There are also many kitchen utensils of all colors and styles and other random things like round and diamond-shaped  ice-cube trays, making you the star at your next cocktail party.  Who doesn’t like a perfectly shaped round ice-cube or diamond-shaped one?  This will be my new hallmark shop for wrapping gifts.  You can pump up your gift wrapping skills– when was the last time you wrapped a gift with cute, fun colored tape?  There’s a vast array of ribbons, stickers and many more possibilities for making gift wrapping special.  I also love the bento box section with all its colorful lunch boxes for kids and adults.  There are little toothpicks with fun characters to hold food together, mini empty bottles to put your favorite dressing or soy sauce, there are little paper dividers to separate veggies from fruit.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the link to see the art of lunch boxes in Japan.  Bento boxes are japanese lunch boxes that are perfectly proportioned with small compartments to put as many different sumptuous morsels for lunch while maintaining the Japanese way of organization in tact, everything has it’s place.  You can have rice on one level than veggies on the next. But that would be too simple of a meal.  The Japanese mothers have a way of transforming a lunch box into a culinary work of art.  I’ve never seen such great displays of food since I taught at an international school in Tokyo.  The three-year olds would open their bento boxes and it was truly magical.  There would be little rice ball with a face on it, perfectly cut out eye brows from seaweed, a beautiful mouth made of beets, eyes made from small pieces of cucumber and so on, Fruit would be in the shape of something like a flower or something else, I once saw an apple piece shaped as a rocket!

Daiso is  not a huge store, but I could spend hours discovering new things.  It’s jam-packed with ideas and interesting things to look at.  Check out this hip, quirky everything store.  It’s for all ages and likes.  I think I will go back this Friday when my son is at gymnastics and buy a few red plastic bowls, maybe a few fun socks, a strainer, wrapping paper, a vase, possibly that fun dust brush shaped as a bear, some fun party favors for a 5-year-old birthday party and I’m sure I will find other unusual things I didn’t really need but found I can’t live without.  Who knows what I will find?  I can’t wait to take my little trip back to Japan, right in Torrance to see all the products I miss from my 4-year stay in Tokyo– colorful bowls, cool chopsticks, stickers, little notebooks, fun erasers shaped of sushi, all the things that I thought were so Kawai (cute) when living in Japan.   I’m so happy Daiso came to  LA.

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